BioInterfaces International Graduate School

Lecture series and seminars


Research reports:

To complement their training, the students attend weekly scientific meetings of the BioInterfaces Programme where they present research reports on their projects. This allows the students to train their presentation skills and also provides an important platform for interdisciplinary exchange. With two students presenting per meeting and between 50 and 80 students in the school, every student gives a progress report approximately once a year













Lecture series (BioInterfaces seminar):

A lecture series given by the PIs of the research institutes provides the students with additional in-depth knowledge about the ongoing research of the participating research groups. This provides the students with an important means of furthering their scientific knowledge on relevant topics. This is complemented by external speakers who are invited to present their research and to introduce new scientific topics for the students.



Summer retreat:

Each year the students organize an annual summer school for the entire BioInterfaces research school. For this retreat, they choose a topic and invite external speakers who give lectures in line with chosen topics. The planning and organization is performed by the PhD students themselves. Financial and administrative support for realizing these activities is available from the administration of the Graduate School. The summer school provides a unique opportunity to promote a scientific awareness that reaches beyond the individual‘s field of interest.