BIF-IGS organizes a broad variety of courses, events and retreats in the categories “Network” and “Training”. One focus are courses in the field of “Information”, namely courses in programming. Usually “Information” courses are online formats, transferable skill courses may also come in an onsite format.


There are courses that repeat every year (e.g., Python-courses) complemented by some that are organized “on demand” of the Doctoral Researchers.
BIF-IGS boasts itself a flexible course programme, carefully aligned to the needs of the Doctoral Researchers, e.g., the workshop “Agile Project Management” was tailored according to the feedback of the Doctoral Researchers.

We are particularly proud of our cooperation with the Graduate Schools “HIDSS4Health” and “IHRS BioSoft (FZJ)”, resulting in several of the “Information”-Courses and Lecture Series (marked *)


  • Workshop „Python from Zero to Data Science” in November 2023 *
  • Workshop “Python Applications” in May 2023
  • Workshop “Machine Learning/Data Science (based on Python)” in March 2024 *
  • Workshop “Image processing with Python” in January 2024 *
  • Workshop “Editing, Processing & Analysis of Scientific Images” in May 2023
  • Workshop “Introduction to Statistics (based on Python)” in October 2022 *
  • Workshop “Introduction to R” in March 2023
  • Workshop “Introduction to Statistics (based on R)” in October 2023
  • Workshop on LaTeX in September 2023 *
  • Lecture series on “Artificial Intelligence” in summer term 2024

“Elective” Courses

  • Workshop on “Visual Communication” in November 2023 *
  • Lecture Series “Cell Biology” in summer term 2022 *
  • Lecture Series “Imaging” in summer term 2022 *
  • Lecture Series “Six Main Tasks in Image Processing” in summer term 2023 *
  • Lecture Series “Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy” in summer term 2023 *
  • Short lecture series “3D Printing” in December 2023
  • Workshop on “3D Printing” in March 2024
  • Course on Transmission Electron Microscopy in February 2024

Transferable Skills

  • Workshop “Basics of Leadership in Science“ in March 2024 - onsite
  • Workshop “Resolving Conflicts in your lab team“ in October 2023 - onsite
  • Workshop “Project Management” in January 2024
  • Workshop “Agile Project Management” in July 2023
  • Workshop “Scientific writing: Turning the blank page into a manuscript” in April 2023
  • Workshop “Presentation skills for scientists” in September 2023 – onsite
  • Workshop “Thesis Defense Training” in January 2024

BIF-IGS Retreat

Every year at the BIF-IGS Annual Retreat, a team of BIF-IGS Doctoral Researchers is elected that organizes the next BIF-IGS Retreat:

  • BIF-IGS Annual Retreat 2022 in the beautiful town of Gengenbach in the blackforest on 14.- 16.07.2022
    Greetings from Gengenbach!
  • BIF-IGS Annual Retreat 2023 in Neustadt / Weinstraße on 24.- 26.07.2023
    Greetings from Neustadt!
  • UPCOMING: BIF-IGS Annual Retreat 2024 in Rastatt on 18. - 20.06.2024