This is BIF-IGS:

What do I need to obtain the BIF-IGS Certificate of Participation?


  • Supervision:
    You have to organize and attend 3 meetings of your Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC):
    1st TAC meeting after 6 months
    2nd TAC meeting in the 2nd year
    3rd TAC meeting in the 3rd year or directly before your defense
  • Networking:
    You have to attend 3 times the BIF-IGS Annual Retreat: A retreat is organized once a year by BIF-IGS students.
    • In your 1st year you only have to attend.
    • In your 2nd year you have to present a poster.
    • In your 3rd year you have to give a talk.
    You can also take part in the organization committee.
  • Training:
    You have to attend the Curriculum:
    30 hours soft skills,
    30 hours information and
    30 hours "elective" courses