‘Thesis Advisory Committee‘ (TAC)

The BioInterfaces International Graduate School aims at a close and intensive supervision of the PhD student by the PI. Thus, the PI is required to be ‘available‘ on a regular basis for discussion and advice. Six months after commencement, the student must also propose a ‘Thesis Advisory Committee‘ (TAC) that consists of three members including the PhD supervisor and a faculty member of one of the associated Universities. The TAC meets once a year with the student to receive a progress report, which consists of a short written report and an oral presentation. Based on these meetings, the TAC evaluates both the student‘s work and the supervision given by the PI, and provides recommendations for future directions. Minutes of the TAC meetings are submitted to the Dean and handed to the student.

The first TAC meeting is held six months after the PhD student starts, and its successful completion is a prerequisite for the final admission to the programme. Afterwards it takes place every year as often as is required.

The TAC is responsible for assessing both the suitability of the project as well as the progress of the candidate. The TAC also finally decides when a given project has advanced sufficiently to be submitted as a PhD thesis.

More information is available on the intranet.