1. BIF-IGS does not have positions or stipends of their own. Consequently, if you want to join BIF-IGS, first step would be to apply at one of our member institutes that advertise one (or more) open positions.
    Now you are employed as a Doctoral Researcher (DR) at a KIT institute. What are the next steps to join BIF-IGS?
  2. Talk to your PI.
    Tell them that BIF-IGS is absolutely cool, one of the best Graduate Schools at KIT, and that you simply have to enroll yourself there.
    Now your PI agrees with your plan to become a member of BIF-IGS. What is next?
  3. Send an email to Sikha (she´s the BIF-IGS manager), telling her that you would like to join BIF-IGS. She will give you information about the procedure:
    Prerequisite for joining BIF-IGS is a short interview with a panel of some of our professors. Of course, this will be a virtual interview via MS Teams or similar.
    As an information for the panel members we would need your complete application with CV, short motivation letter and all certificates of your education (from A-level onwards). Additionally, you should send some official certificate of your English language studies, i.e. a TOEFL or IELTS certificate.
    Sikha will also book you on one of the available panel meetings send you an Outlook-invitation and an invitation link.
  4. Once you have passed the panel meeting, you have made it.
    Hey, you are a BIF-IGS member now – WELCOME!