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Welcome to BioInterfaces International Graduate School!

The BioInterfaces International Graduate School (BIF-IGS) at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) provides a structured PhD program for doctoral researchers from Natural, Artificial and Cognitive Information Processing (NACIP) and Materials Systems Engineering (MSE), two research programs of the Helmholtz-association. It aims to attract outstanding students and to offer research opportunities, education and training in the trans- and multi-disciplinary research areas of both programs, which encompasses a breadth of disciplines including biology, chemistry, physics, engineering and informatics.



- Upcoming: Next admission panel on 18.07.2024


Awards and Prices

Student Poster Award at SLAS Europe 2024:


Razan El Khaled El Faraj was awarded the BIF-IGS Travel Award for visiting SLAS Europe 2024 in Barcelona.

There she presented her work with a poster "Miniaturizing Drug-Induced Differential Gene Expression Analysis for Precision Oncology on Droplet Microarray"

- and immediately won a Student Poster Award for it. Congratulations, Dear Razan!






If you want to join BIF-IGS, first step would be to apply at one of our member institutes that advertise one (or more) open positions.

Once you are employed as a Doctoral Researcher (DR) at a KIT institute, talk to your PI.

Tell them that BIF-IGS is absolutely cool, one of the best Graduate Schools at KIT, and that you simply have to enroll yourself there.

Once your PI agrees with your plan, send an email to Sikha (she´s the BIF-IGS manager), telling her that you would like to join BIF-IGS.
She will arrange for everything.

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Benefits of BIF-IGS

Course Offer:

BIF-IGS boasts itself a flexible course programme, carefully aligned to the needs of the Doctoral Researchers.
See, what exciting courses and workshops BIF-IGS has to offer:

• Information Courses
• Transferable Skills Courses


BIF-IGS Annual Retreat:

BIF-IGS is a multidisciplinary Graduate School, and networking between the Doctoral Researchers is a major goal of the Graduate School. The unrivalled highlight of the year is the BIF-IGS Annual Retreat

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